The Future of Social Media

This concept is one I have considered for what feels like my entire life. The future of social media changes every day, and with that come new endeavors and ideas being published into the world.

Consider this, TikTok didn’t exist 2 years ago… now people are making thousands of dollars from brand deals and small businesses are blossoming new more than ever. When I consider social media, I see those apps that have phased out through my years, apps such as Vine had their moment in the light and have since died off. In order for our social media platforms to grow, we must lose some along the way. I see this exchange to be a positive one and important part of our growth over time.

Phone usage began at the age of 12 for me, and now I see 2-year-olds opening up their mom’s phone, opening YouTube, and playing BubbleGuppies without batting an eye. Our generations are becoming more and more tech-savvy and are comfortable using any form of social media. I had restrictions during middle school that some toddlers will never heave, this is such a weird concept.

The future of social media is dependent on whether or not we are ready to introduce it fully into the future generations’ daily lives. We have this to a certain extent, but not nearly as much as the younger generations will. I feel as though we will progress further down the path of entrepreneurship for individuals and it will be powerful.

Put this into perspective. How many hours a day do we now stick iPads in front of 5-year-olds? Correct… Too many. Their brains and thought processes now involve technology and this will never be able to change. We have formed their brains alongside the growth of social media and this may create irreversible damage. Although we have the power to make decisions without the influence of technology, the upcoming generation do not. Why read a book on a topic if you can Google it and learn the synopsis summary version of it?

current public relations student