Live Tweeting the Golden Globes

What used to be the event of the year, the Golden Globes Awards aired live this past Sunday, February 28th, and was definitely…. interesting. In years past, this awards ceremony is filled with banter, tons of engagement, and a huge following. Though this year was mostly virtual, the team behind the show were able to make it as interactive as possible. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted, but they were across the country! Tina Fey at the Beverly Hilton and Amy Poehler in New York, they were magically placed next to each other for the viewers at home and it almost seemed like they were together. They managed to bring smiles to the faces at home and the few in the crowd, maintaining their COVID-19 safety precautions, and had a successful show.

I live tweeted some of the pre-show and the first hour of the awards ceremony. During this time, there are the most viewers and most engagement, so I was able to have more interaction than I expected.

I started off introducing myself and used the @Golden Globe Awards for each of my tweets, included the tags for the award winners, etc.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are always the best, bringing humor and fun to every award show, movie, or live show they make an appearance in.

I continued with a highlight from the pre-show interviews, especially that with Carry Muligan, star of Promising Young Woman. This movie was certainly one of my favorites for the year and I was so excited to hear from her on how she felt while filming this powerful movie.

Live tweeting the pre-show certainly didn’t get as much traction, but I liked having the ability to learn a little more on the behind the scenes of movies I love and hearing from the actors and actresses who made them. I know many people liked this movie and it received tons of positive reviews, so I hoped a tweet about it would get more noticed!

There were a few technical difficulties within the first few awards, but it wasn't anything that hindered the success of the show. At one point, Catherine O’Hara was receiving her award and her husband, sat next to her, was playing music from his phone. At first, I though I was crazy and didn’t get the joke, but then I thought… is something wrong with this man? I was seriously confused, so I tweeted about it. This tweet is the one that received the most engagement overall.

Schitt’s Creek certainly has a strong fan base, so someone came to my rescue and explained what was happening. I was really excited to get a random interaction with the tweet, and by including the @ Schitt’s Creek tag, I reached someone who could help.

Overall, live tweeting for an event as prestigious as the Golden Globes was fun and gave me a reason to pay more attention than I had in past years. By engaging with the official Twitter account, I picked up on things I missed and read through comments on each award post, gauging people’s reactions, good and bad. I liked this activity, I’ll definitely be doing it again!